Sunday, January 23, 2011

01/23/11 - Dead Jumping

01/08/11 - Dead Jumping

Complete 3 rounds of:

275lb deadlift

50 rotation jump rope

20 box jumps, 30" box

source: modified from Crossfit
time: ??:??
works: legs, core, endurance
difficulty: 8
my effort: 8

I fell off the wagon over most of January, which I'm sure was very disappointing to my three readers. No, not the workout wagon. The blogging wagon. But I'm back, mostly because this is the way I keep track of how much I lifted the last time I did a workout. I'm hoping to keep it through the end of 2011 at least. We'll see.

Today's workout was modifed from a recent Crossfit post. I added box jumps to the mix, because I like trying to jump when I'm tired. Well, I don't like it. What I mean is that it seems like I'm usually called on to jump when I'm already tired. E.g. basketball, football, or hopping a fence while running from the cops. Just kidding. Anyway, I added the box jump component for that reason.

I forgot to keep time, which is annoying. It was in the 15-20 minute range.

I did this workout wearing a 20-lb weight vest. I felt that most on the box jumps, naturally.

Oh, one last thing. When doing deadlifts at this weight - or any weight, really - make sure to remember to breathe out when you're lifting up. You don't want to pop a hernia from straining.

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