Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12/29/10 - Clean/Jerk & Bench

Five rounds of:

Clean & Jerk, 135 lbs, 3 reps

Bench Press, 205lbs, 3 reps

source: JG
time: About 8 minutes
works: legs, shoulders, chest
difficulty: 5
my effort: 6

Honestly, today was a "throw away" day. One of those days where you end up at the gym, but really wish you hadn't gone in the first place. I almost always try to go three days on, one day off, but I have an engagement tomorrow evening, so I compromised with a light workout today. It was almost worthless, as I was still so sore from the tail end of the last three-day rotation that I didn't accomplish much. In any case, I suppose it was a good way to get my blood moving. I also did some muscleups (though not as many as this guy), and an extended rowing session as a warmup.

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