Monday, December 20, 2010

12/20/10 - "Nutts" about handstand pushups

For time:

10 handstand pushups
15 deadlifts, 250lbs
25 box jumps, 30" box
50 dead-hang pullups
100 20-lb wall-ball shots, 10' target
400 meter run, carrying 45lb plate

: workout from a few days ago
time: 20:15
works: everything
difficulty: 9.5
my effort: 9

If you like tough, high-intensity workouts (like I do), this is the WOD for you. It's a basic progression style workout, with reps increasing as you move through the various exercises.

I moved the HSPUs to the last set, to give my shoulders plenty of time to warm up and stretch out before doing those.

I moved cleanly through the deadlifts, box jumps and pullups before arriving at the wallballs. These are very tough when aiming at a 10' target; after the first 20, I broke them into sets of 10 with 10 seconds of rest between sets. The run was the hardest exercise in this group, primarily because you can't stop on a treadmill. I ran it at a 10:00 mile pace; the last 1/4 lap was very hard.

I gave this workout a good effort. I had somewhere to be, and I was trying to stay within five minutes of the time leaders, which I did.

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