Sunday, December 12, 2010

12/12/10 - Modified "Whitten"

Five rounds of:

22 2-pood (72lbs) kettlebell swings
22 24" box jumps
22 85lb push press
22 burpees
22 20lb wall-ball tosses

time: approximately 45 minutes
works: shoulders, hamstrings, quads, core
difficulty: 8
my effort: 7

I took today's workout from The original workout called for 400m sprints as the third leg of the workout, but I modified it because I had a bit of running in my workout yesterday.

Set one was smooth; no rest between exercises and only one pause during the push presses.
Set two was very difficult for some reason; I think it took me the longest.
Set three and four were better than two, but I began to fatigue around the end of three, about 30 minutes into the routine. My burpees got a bit sloppy, and the KB swings a bit low.
The last set, oddly, was likely my second best set. Not much rest (maybe I knew I was almost done), and good solid movement through each exercise.

I gave myself a 7 for effort for getting through it, but I feel like I could have avoided a couple bits of rest here and there.

Tomorrow might end up being a rest day, but we'll see how today makes me feel. KB swings always leave me sore.



  1. I love kettlebells! I just started using them and I think mine is too light, but the workout I use still leaves me sore!

  2. How many poods is your kettlebell?

  3. 10 lbs! I asked for 15 for my birthday, and my sweet husband underestimated my Amazonian strength... ;)
    Actually, I think he didn't understand how the kb is used--it's more of a motion weight, so it needs to be heavier.