Monday, December 27, 2010

12/27/10 - Split Jerks

Split Jerks:


10 Cleans, 135lbs
5 Split Jerks, 135lbs

source: JG
time: None kept
works: shoulders, legs, back, core
difficulty: 6
my effort: 7

This is a difficult workout to perform at a typical box gym, primarily because the split jerks require some confidence when attempting the higher weight. A properly set up gym will have a lifting box and rubberized weights, suitable for dropping if you can't lock the weight out at max extension. As it is, my gym is a little crowded, with no rubberized weights. Dropping 225lbs of plated weight would not go over well. As such, I stopped quite a bit shy of my max weight reps for the split jerks, at about 185lbs. After that, the explosiveness required to jerk the weight made me nervous that I'd risk dropping it.

When performing the split jerk, remember to rest the weight on your shoulders/clavicle in your staging position. This allows you to generate maximum thrust when bending your legs to jerk the weight. When thrusting out of the first stage and moving the weight up, make sure to propel your hips and the weight up, not out. This generates a lot of upward thrust, allowing you to avoid landing on your front toe when landing. You want a good, stable platform for coming down. Remember that the final movement is not a shoulder press; that is, there is no military press movement involved. The thrust of the hips and core should be enough to propel the weight up; you're simply landing underneath and 'catching' it.


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